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GEM's Star Stone
GEM's Star Stone Cabochon ' Tjabo'

GEM's Star Stone Cabochon

GEM's Star Stone Cabochon's story from his new owners in Sweden

One day in december 2004 I was asked to help Sonny Ålund, breeder of my bluesilver shaded Burmilla Zassa, to look for a male abroad. I contacted a friend in the UK from whom I bought a Devon Rex girl a couple of years ago. She gave me the names of some “Burmillapeople” in the UK. I came in contact with Louise Mitchell from Gem's Burmillas and she had a litter with only males. She sent some photos of Star Stone Cabochon, a handsome chocolate silver shaded Burmilla and we (Sonny and I) fell in love at first sight! At this point we had already decided to co-own the male. Louise and I exchanged 3-4 e-mail a day for a month asking each other questions about export and import rules, what papers we needed etc.

Finally came the day when Star Stone landed in Sweden together with Louise and Gary and their good friends Lea and Jon. I had a long night without sleeping before going down to Stockholm to meet them at a show. I was so nervous so when I entered to hotel lobby I forgot every word of English I ever knew. All four of them being very nice people and not pretending to hear my terrible Swedish-American English accent made me feel less nervous and after a while I wasn't so nervous any more. We went down to the show hall and put Star Stone in his pen. Sonny came after a while and he was so happy with our little boy who now lives with him and his cats a very long way from where I live. Well, what is a 6 hours drive if you know a Burmilla is waiting for you.

The show was like any other FIFe show. There were 4 Burmillas, that's a crowd in a Swedish show!! My Zassa was BIV, Star Stone got an EX1 and the judge, Mrs Lena Sundberg, said he was very promising.

I hope that I can go to the UK one day and meet some of you at a show!

Thank you so very very much Louise and Gary for letting us have this wonderful cat!!

Anna-Karin Rahm

S*Curlicue's Devon Rex & Burmilla