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icon GEM's Owners

Burmilla Cat Photo

Elizabeth with her two new Gem's Burmillas Piaget and Mystic Topaz



Lucie with Taz

gems jewel

Lucie with Gem's Jewel

Burmilla Photo

Burmilla Freya with her good friend Violet

Owned by Jenny-ellen Scotland
Burmilla Photo

The Best of Pals

Gem's Pablo and Gem's Filigree Silver owned by
Christine and David Jenner

GEM's Chrysecolla and GEM's Satin Spar

GEM's Chrysecolla and GEM's Satin Spar ( chocolate shaded silver boy Burmillas) with owners Andrea and Tony Farrelly. GEM's Satin Spar (held by Andrea) went on to win Best Kitten in Show at a FIFe Show in Peterborough a few weeks after this photograph was taken.

GEM's Tiger Cowrie

GEM's Tiger Cowrie with her proud owners Hazel and John Morris. 'Tiger' is an Asian chocolate ticked silver tabby.


Merlin has only been home for a week, but we feel like he has been here for ever. He was a little anxious for the first two days, and followed us everywhere, but now he trusts us to always be around and has settled in well. He is eating well, and sleeps on his cushion on the chair in our bedroom at night, although we often find him in our bed in the morning! His favourite toys are his ping-pong balls, and he really keeps us entertained, we don't need the TV any more! We love him to bits, and are looking forward to many years of 'slavery' to come.


Here is Mrs Tanis Kadwell with GEM's Carnelian or 'Millie' as she is called at home. Millie is very precious so only goes outside wearing a harness however this has not prevented her from catching a bird.



Dangerous Burmillas This photo show how dangerous it is to keep still for just a second when Burmilla kittens are around! felspars

Burmillas are great with children and here are GEM's Felspars young owners ( Mum was around too)

star stone

GEM's Star Stone Cabochon now in Sweden owned by Sonny Aman and Anna-Karin Rahm. Sonny has given this kitten a Swedish name Tjabo Tjabo is now siring lovely Swedish Burmillas.

edmund fremy

Gem's Edmund Fremy with owner Hayley Moore

Asians and Burmillas Asians and Burmillas also get on well with dogs - heres the proof.

This is GEM's Kobe a chocolate self Asian with his very good friend Poppy the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Kobe is now an International Champion much to the delight of his owner Caroline Davies.

sardonyx GEM's Sardonyx or 'Morse' as he is called by his owner Julia & her parents. The photo demonstrates how Burmillas take to going for walks on a lead.

Morse's Story

GEM's Satin Spar      GEM's Satin Spar

GEM's Satin Spar winning BEST KITTEN IN SHOW at Peterborough with owner Andrea Farrelly


GEM's Titanite GEM's Titanite an Asian chocolate ticked silver tabby with owners Karen weeks and Philip Burke GEM's Sard Pebble GEM's Sard Pebble with owner Sarah Wright and daughter.
GEM's Prince Rupert GEM's Prince Rupert with his owners and willing slaves Mr and Mrs Faye and Geoffery Smith . Our very first GEM's kitten 'Holly' Our very first GEM's kitten 'Holly' with owner Diane Woodward. I am very grateful to Diane for keeping in touch and for the regular updates about Holly