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Burmillas have clear green eyes that are hypnotically beautiful. Their eyes are outlined in the same colour as their coat, which makes them look as though they have been made up like an Egyptian prince or princess.

The Burmilla has an easy to care for short dense silky silver coat that can be tipped/shaded in different colours. The unique silver base to their coat gives these stunning cats a sparkle, which is particularly apparent, when the sun catches their coat.

Asians came in many different colours and patterns about 624! With so many to choose from, whatever you fancy can be possible.


No other breed of cat can match a Burmilla or Asian for temperament and character.

These cats just want to be with people, they capture your heart as soon as you see them.

Burmillas and Asians have outgoing, intelligent and the most loving of cats. They will follow you around waiting for a lap to settle into or a game of fetch to be offered.

Their unique qualities come from the founding breeds. They have the playfulness and intelligence of the Burmese combined with the laid-back beauty of the Chinchilla.

'The Original Burmilla Love Story'

Breed Standards

The FIFe breed standard and breeding policy, and an explanation of genetics, can be found on the Burmilla Cat Club web site.

The GCCF breed standard and breeding policy is slightly different and can be obtained from them.



Basil. Chocolate Silver Shaded male.

Basil. Chocolate Silver Shaded male.


Gem's Bon Bon Niere

Gem's Bon Bon Niere
Brown Silver Shaded Burmilla

GOE FB Show. 6.10.2018 BIV & Best In Show Kitten
FIFe ,GOE Show, 29.6.19 BIS Female Catergory III

Gem’s Shivani. Black Silver Shaded female.

Gem's Shivani. Black Silver Shaded female.

Gem's YaYa. Brown Silver Shaded. Future Queen.

Gem's YaYa. Brown Silver Shaded. Future Queen.