Burmilla & Asian Kittens
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Kitten and Adult Adoptions


Gems Kittens

We expect kittens this year! please contact me if you are interested in going on our waiting list.



Adult Adoptions

Occasionally we have adult ex-breeding and showing burmillas for adoption. If you would like to be considered and can offer an indoor only home for one of these very special cats, please contact me to discuss further.




Some of our previous kittens

Burmila Kittens Burmila Kittens Burmila Kittens
Burmila Kittens Burmila Kittens Burmila Kittens Burmila Kittens


All our kittens are brought up in our home with love and care.

We only have two or three litters a year to ensure that each kitten has lots of individual attention. Only healthy cats are used to breed from and the happiness and safety of our kittens is always our paramount concern. Our kittens are registered with FB (FIFe) , and the GCCF as well as being vaccinated and insured before leaving home at 13 weeks. We specialize in black, brown and chocolate silver shaded Burmillas. Also Asians in many colours. Because demand for these bewitching kittens is usually more than the number of kittens available please be prepared to wait for a kitten.

Like any other responsible breeder we will ask questions about you and your home, this is to ensure that our kittens only go to safe and loving homes. We will expect you to keep in touch as we invest a great deal of ourselves in each kitten and they will always be part of our cat family. If you are looking for an ultra-affectionate cat that is fun to be with and has outstanding beauty, then a bewitching Burmilla or Asian is the only cat that will do.


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GEMs kitten photograph GEMs Kittens Photograph

Kittens for Showing and Breeding

If you specifically want a kitten for Showing please tell me as these are very special Burmillas and not every kitten will meet the exacting standard required. If you are interested in a breeding kitten then you will need to demonstrate to me that you are already an experienced and reputable registered breeder. If you wish to start breeding you must have thought about the huge commitment required properly, have the necessary resources and are willing to take my advice and guidance. Becoming a GOOD breeder is a massive undertaking.


GEMS Kitten Photograph

Chocolate Smoke Asian and a
Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla kitten

GEMs Kittens Photograph

In one litter you can get many colours and coat patterns

(Left to Right)
Lilac Asian Self kitten
Lilac ticked Silver Asian tabby kitten
Chocolate Smoke Asian kitten
Lilac Asian Self kitten
Chocolate Silver Burmilla kitten
Chocolate Asian Self kitten

GEMS Kitten Photograph

Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla Kittens

GEMS Kitten Photograph

Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla Kittens


Abby had to have a cesarean at 2 o'clock in the morning as the very last kitten got stuck. I had her neutered at the same time as I thought she had now done her bit. Abby is the archetypal 'earth mother' she is so maternal - now she helps mother Wheaty's kittens and my socks!

Symphony in Silver

CH GEM's Symphony in Silver with her kittens and her very pregnant Mum IC Kartush Senhaper helping her daughter with nursery duties