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icon The Original Burmilla Love Story

Burmillas and Asians have one of the most romantic of origins.

In 1981 a female lilac Burmese, Bambino Lilac Faberge and a male Chinchilla, Jemari Sanquist decided, despite the best efforts of their human owner Miranda von Kirchberg, that they would not be kept apart from each other any longer. The result of this accidental 'love match' was four gorgeous female kittens all with black shaded silver shorthaired coats, stunning green eyes and superb temperaments.

In this way the First Burmillas were born. Burmillas were so named because of the Burm in (Burm ese) and illas from (Chinch illas)

In later matings many other colours and patterns arrived and these attractive cats became known as Asians.

Through the hard work of Mr & Mrs Clarke and other breeders Burmillas were first recognised as a new breed by FIFe.

Miranda von Kirchberg worked within the GCCF and somewhat later they recognised Burmillas together with the Asians.

Today Burmillas and Asians are recognised and compete successfully in many cat fancy organisations and have won many titles and awards all over the world.

GEMs Burmillas PhotoGraph
Some of the kittens from the very first  litter
of Burmillas with their dad the Chinchilla, Jemari Sanquist

Photograph courtesy Mr Marc Henrie