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World Wide On-Line Burmilla Photo Competition to celebrate 30 Years of the Burmilla.


  • Best In Show and Best Entire Male No 8 Alena Laskova IC Guiness Alea Alabastra, CZ
  • Entire Female No 6 Annika Lissjos GIC S* Palomiens D Agda
  • Owner & lookaLike No 4 Lina Stjarneback Baharas Wb Rudolf and 'Whibby' Mini Mistress
  • Kitten 6 months to Adult No 5 Gwen D'Arcy Bellabonny Harry Secombe
  • Litter No 11 Sarka Stedranska Litter F Simran Cattery, CZ
  • Parent & baby No 3 Hans & Stellan '3 Generations' from S*Kusten's Cattery
  • WWW Best No 2 Danielle Akesson Miamber Silver Aloe Vera
  • Male Neuter No 6 Brona Vodolanova GIP Quetzalcoati Chupacabra
  • Best Eye Colour No 21 Anne Otreim Kittyhawk of Misapotatanien
  • Fun Pose No 1 Katerina Voglovia Amor Rare Diamond
  • Kitten 3-6 months No 6 Annika Lissjos S* Palombiens D Adga
  • O Gene No 8 Alena Klara Opatrna GIC Quinoa Fifi Chupacabra
  • Semi Long Hair No 1 Sue Cambell Ch Ashbury Silver Sole
  • Spay Female No 4 Christine Jenner GEM's Filigree Silver
  • Caught In the Act No 15 Sandra Magnusson CH Tidermas Nyponros
  • Golden No 1 Sandra Woodley GRCh Honpuss Ziath
  • Non O Gene No 6 Marta Lenikova Virginia Silver Dee,
  • Veteran No 6 Ann Otneim Kittyhawk of Misopatanien

Many thanks to all the exhibitors. All your Burmillas are wonderful, but then you know that already:-)

Join the Yahoo group http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/BurmillaWWComp/ were you can view the albums.


Burmilla Stud Cat

Burmilla Stud Cat

Gem's Silver Jet
Black Silver Shaded Male
Tested negative for PKD and FeLV/FIV
HK Negative
Nominated for Best in Show , FB, GOE, Swanley Show. 12.5.2012
FB, Best Kitten, Category III, Winner's Show, Stantonbury, 7.11.2010.
FB, Best Kitten Category III and Best in Show Kitten, Edenbridge 3.10.10.

(Click Photo for Pedigree)


FIFe Champion Gem's Boucheron
Brown Silver Shaded male
(click on photo for pedigree)

FB, Swanley 15th December 2013, Best Adult Category III

Burmilla Stud Cat

Champion Gregory Peck CRMI, CZ

Black Silver Shaded Male, AA DD= Agouti does not carry dilute
(click on photo for pedigree)
Our grateful thanks to Klara Krmelova for this handsome boy
FELv/FIV, PKD & Burmese GM2 & HK negative

GCCF double certificate show, The East Sussex Cat Club and Bucks, Oxen & Berks Cat Society, 21.9.2013
Achieved GCCF Champion title and FIFe Champion



Champion LV Fairy Dream De Marco
Chocolate Shaded Silver Male Burmilla FIFe.
FB Show, Sevenoaks 9,5.2015. BIV & NOM


Gem's Buccellati

Gem's Buccellati
Male (Future stud)
Brown Silver Shaded Burmilla.

GOE FB Show 7.10.2018. BIV


Velimir Chatburdeoa

Velimir Chatburdeoa
Brown Silver Shaded Male

Retired Queens

Burmilla Cat Photo

Champion Gem's Silver Bell

Brown Silver shaded female
PKD & FeLV / FIV tested negative
HK Negative
FB, Best Adult, Swanley, 8th December 2012
(Click on photo for Pedigree)


inglewood's katella

Inglewood's Katella
Brown Silver Shaded Female
PKD & FeLV/FIV & HK tested negative
Our thanks to Alan and Raine Baker for this beautiful and clever girl
(Click on photo for Pedigree)


Burmilla Cat Photo
(Click Photo for Pedigree)
Champion Gem's Anatase
Anatase is full expression chocolate carrying burmese colour restriction, not carrying dilute, homozygous agouti
Anatase is a Chocolate Silver Shaded Burmilla.
FB, Best Female in Category III, Milton Keynes 30.01.2011
.FB, Best Kitten in Show, Edenbridge 26.4.09
GCCF Best of Breed, Surrey & Sussex 21.3.09


Burmilla Cat Photo
(Click Photo for Pedigree)
Champion Bluebumble Silver Jewel bred by Jan Hurcombe.

Jewel is black, carrying burmese colour restriction, not carrying choc or dilute, heterozygous for agouti
PKD & FeLV / FIV tested negative
Jewel is a black Silver Shaded Burmilla and she won Best kitten and Best cat in Category III at Swindon on her very first outing.
FB, Best Junior, Worthing, 9,8.09


Burmilla Photo
Gem's Heart of Eternity
Black Silver shaded female
Tested negative for PKD and FeLV/FIV
PKD Negative
HK Negative
FB, GOE Show 12.5.12, Swanley. Best in Variety
(Click Photo for Pedigree)



Gem's Cartier
Brown Silver Shaded Burmilla Female
PKD & HK negative
FB, VCC, Wythall. 17.3.2013. Best Junior in Cat III
(click on photo for pedigree)



GCCF Grand Champion Gem's Snowflake, Brown Silver shaded Burmilla
Snowflake is brown carrying chocolate and dilute, homozyogus agouti
PKD & FeLV / FIV tested negative
HK Negative

FB, VCC, Ryton-on -Dunsmore, 6th September 2014, Best Adult Category III

FB, Swanley, 10.5.14, Best Female Category III

FB, Swanley, 14th and 15th December 2013
BIV and Best femle Category III

GCCF double certificate show, The East Sussex Cat Club and Bucks, Oxen & Berks Cat Society 21.9.2013:

BOB twice! also awarded GCCF Champion title

GCCF Three Counties Show 17.8.2013, Best of Breed
FB, VCC, Wythall, 17.3.2013. Best In Show
FB. GOE. Swanley Show. Best in Category III. 12.5.2012
FB, Best in Cat III, Grantham, 11.9.2011
FB, Best In Show. Moulton, 16th July 2011.
FB, Best Cat, Category III, Moulton. July 2011
FB, Best Cat Category Three, Worthing, 14th August 2010
FB National Winners Show, Best Female, Category III, Cheshunt, 1.11.09
FB, Best in Show Female, Category III, Edenbridge, 4.10.09
FB, Best Adult, Worthing, 9.8.09
FB, Best Junior, Edenbridge 26.4.09
FB, Best in Show Kitten and Best Cat, Tidworth, 13th & 14th June 2009
GCCF, Best of Breed, Maidstone & Medway 20.12.08
FB Northampton, 13 &14th July, Best Adult
(Click Photo for Pedigree)


honey hessonite

Gem's Honey Hessonite
Brown Shaded Silver
(click on photo for pedigree)



Champion Gem’s Shamballa

Black Shaded Silver Female

FIFe, Mundikat Easter Show, Nieuwegein, 27.3.16, BIV
FIFe. FB, GOE show, Edenbridge, 07/05/2016, BIV & Best in Show Female Cat III


imperial jade

Gem's Imperial Jade
Brown Silver Shaded female

FB Show, Ware, 3rd & 4th June, Best Kitten Category III both days


GCCF Champion and IC Gem's Esmerelda
Brown Silver Shaded female
PKD & HK negative
(click on photo for pedigree)

Felis Belgica, Herselt, BIS & BIV, 28 & 29th November 2015
FB,GOE, 5/12/15, BIV & Best Adult in CAT III
FB, Winner’s Show Coventry, 24.1.2016, Best Female CATIII
Felikat. North Sea Winner Show. Schiedam. 23+24th April 2016. BIV and Nomination


CH Gem's Kiki McDonough
Black Shaded Silver

FIFe, Mundikat show, 5/4/15. BIV & Best Kitten in Show
FB, GOE. 6/12/15, BIV & Best Female CAT III
(click on photo for pedigree)


midnight flower

Champion Gem’s Midnight Flower

Brown Shaded Silver Female Burmilla


S* Palombiens Maja

S* Palombiens Maja
Brown Silver Shaded Burmilla

FB Show Ware. 2.6.2018. Best In Show Cat III