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Logo GEM's Burmillas is born

My first kitten was a bright and beautiful Balinese girl whom I called Magic and I will always remember her with the greatest of love. My second cat, was a dim but very sweet Chinchilla male called Fluffy. Together they made adorable kittens and I felt very privileged to be allowed to help them make a start in life.

Much later I became a mature student and it was not possible for me to have any cats, but I did manage to pick up an adorable 'big kit' - my husband.

Gary was a dog man and I thought I wanted long-haired cats, but we were about to met our first Burmilla!

I fell hopelessly in love with Burmillas in 1998 when I saw my very first Burmilla, Summer of Lakota and her kitten at a FIFE Show. I could not stop staring at their beauty as they bewitched me completely with their large expressive green eyes and that wonderful sparkling coat. The kitten was totally relaxed upside down in its owner's arms. I kept on returning to gaze at them. From that moment on I knew that I must have a Burmilla.

In 1999 IC Kartush Senhaper became my first Queen and later CH Athamas of Athenais joined us as our loving stud cat.

Since then our Burmilla and Asian kittens have won many awards and titles and enriched our lives tremendously.

We love seeing the great pleasure our kittens give people.

Each of our Burmillas is individual and precious just like a gemstone. Therefore we believed that GEM's would be a fitting prefix for these rare cats. GEM's also by happy coincidence spells out my husband's initials.

Our GCCF prefix Araboth means ' Seventh Heaven' - the feeling you get when loved by one of our Burmillas.

And Gary? He is now a total cat person - Burmillas do that to you!

Louise & Gary Mitchell
Founding Secretary of Burmilla breed Council (FIFe)

East Sussex Photo          Louise with Burmilla Kitten          Gary with Burmilla kitten


Logo East Sussex

Sussex is a fascinating mix of sleek city pleasures, laid-back beach life and unspoilt countryside. It's historic and cutting edge, wild and sophisticated, exotic and traditional, all at the same time.


There are wide open spaces from the beaches and cliff tops of the coast to the chalk hills and meadows of the South Downs; narrow cobbled twittens and elegant Regency squares; medieval cottages and fairytale castles; glorious gardens and picturesque old villages. Add to this some thoroughly modern shopping, the best contemporary art and design, stylish bars and restaurants and fun nightlife, and you'll see what makes East Sussex so special. Where else could you relive a Norman battle, visit an Indian-style royal palace, go llama trekking, find a 69m long chalk man on a hillside and dine on a 1920's Golden Arrow steam train, all in one day?